Kevin H. Adams is frequently commissioned to paint particular subjects for his clients.  Over the years, working either on location or from photographs provided by the client, he has fulfilled requests for paintings of family farms, blooming gardens, urban landmarks, former homes, a portrait of an expectant mother, and even a whole series of paintings of a favorite vacation destination.  A commission not only gives the client the opportunity to have a painting of something important to them, but also to have it done in a size to fit a particular location at home or the office.

How does the process of commissioning a painting work?

  •  First, Kevin and the client have a conversation (maybe several) about the subject, the size, and the anticipated completion date.

  •  Kevin provides a rough sketch, a price for the unframed work, and an estimated completion date.

  •  With client feedback on the rough sketch, Kevin completes a study for the painting for client approval.

  •  A non-refundable payment of half the price is required before Kevin begins work on the painting.

  •  Kevin presents the finished painting.  If accepted by the client, the remaining payment is due upon delivery.  If the client is not satisfied with the painting (so far, that’s never happened), the client may reject the painting and will not owe the remainder of the price.

Kevin is happy to discuss a potential commission either by phone or email.